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Oh my, I haven't posted anything on dA in more than a year? Sorry about that! I guess the reason for that was because I post regularly to tumblr, since it's far easier to communicate with people and get feedback there as opposed to here. I'm considering posting more on here, though. 

Uni kind of took its toll on me this year but I've been doing a lot of fan art still, as well as making cosplays, and I attended Hobbitcon and got to give the actors my artwork. And I've finished my final assessment, which means I'm 95% done with my degree! 
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Hi everyone! My (super secret until now) Hobbit artwork is being featured in the Amrâlimê, The Hobbit Fanart Anthology , a Hobbit fanbook along with many other really amazing artists. The fanbook is for sale HERE and proceeds go to The Eden Projects charity. Check it out!
Hi everyone! My (super secret until now) Hobbit artwork is being featured in the Amrâlimê, The Hobbit Fanart Anthology , a Hobbit fanbook along with many other really amazing artists. The fanbook is for sale HERE and proceeds go to The Eden Projects charity. Check it out!

Artist promotion available!

Use THIS LINK to get free worldwide shipping+$5 off everything in my shop!

Featuring artwork that I haven't posted on DeviantArt.

I have a Redbubble shop now! Check it out!
Check me out on Society6!

I have prints, phone cases, pillows, and bags at the moment. There's also some art that I haven't posted on dA. Eventually there will be Tshirts and mugs.

If there's any piece of mine that you want to see but isn't there yet, let me know and I can put it up. most of the things I feel strongest about  have little to no effect on me personally.

And people wonder why I care so much.

Which makes me all the more supportive. And angry that people don't really understand.
Does anyone know good websites with valid overviews of these issues? Like SOPA, ACTA, PIPA, etc? I'm getting pretty worried about the internet's stability, but I'd like to be able to explain it to people without them going "Where did you hear this? How do you know where you got that info from was trustworthy?"

If you guys could give me some links to valid sources and protest petitions, that would be great.

I'd like to understand the issues better so I know how to combat them in my own way. I'm thinking of doing some art.
I just realized I almost have 10,000 pageviews.


If you prove you caught my 10,000'th pageview, I'll draw something of your chioice. If anybody's interested...
I saw Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and I was sort of surprised to find that I really really enjoyed it. It was really confusing at times, but it was well done and more of a low-key drama without all the overblown spy movie things like car chases or getting shot without realizing it.

So, it's Sirius Black, Sherlock Holmes, the Dream Lord from Doctor Who, King Edward, Lord Blackwood, and a bunch of other famous people doing serious spy stuff in the Seventies. And most of the main characters were gay, which added to the internal conflict drama.
Well it turns out all the good scenes have been taken. Multiple times. So maybe I should hold off on the Reichenbach art, or else I'll look like I'm trying to copy everyone. People lose interest if they see the same stuff all over the place. This is sort of why I slipped a bit out of the Doctor Who fandom; you see the exact same picture being referenced many times.

In other news, THIS is the funniest Sherlock spoof I've ever seen, this guy is so funny when he gets into the characters, watch it it's awesome:…

Shame about the rush of everyone trying to get in on the Reichenbach excitement all at once, though, I was looking forward to drawing.
I don't know if I should do spoiler art...I mean part of the fun of the show is being surprised and a lot of people haven't seen it...

But then again, if you're going to have surprises spoiled at least be spoiled by drawings that aren't just quich crap sketches that are brought about by all the emotions of an episode. It's not nice feeling unoriginal because everyone's seen the same shit 20 times in various bad quality.

Tumblr's doing the spoiler art and gifs...but then again I'm sort of separate from that.

Any ideas?
Sherlock BBC finale. I'm off to go watch it and die now. Laytuhrz. :iconsherlockholmesplz:

I'm proud to have been part of this fandom, Sherlockians, you guys were awesome.

Shock blanket at te ready.
AGHHHHH my computer's getting fixed so I don't have photoshop and I saw Sherlock last night and it was brilliant and I NEED to fanart it but I can't! And LAST EPISODE NEXT SUNDAY of Sherlock and HE WILL PROBABLY DIE. And all the fans will die as well from an overload of sadness and I need to post fanart before it airs AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!. And my Janto stuff too!
The world will hold nothing for me once Sherlock ends! Anticipation keeps me going! Torchwood's already dead to me, and the Tumblr anticipation for the Reichenback fall has made everyone consumed with lust for the series for TWO YEARS.

(Bit of a fandom-rant there, reaching a climax and going through withdrawl is NOT FUN.)
Just deleting some crap pictures. You probably won't miss anything.

(By the way, BBC Sherlock's Hounds of Baskerville was AMAZING!!!!! Downoad BBC iplayer and wtch it RIGHT NOW)

Computer's getting fixed, will be uploading fanart within a few days.

6th January 1854 - Happy Birthday, Sherlock Holmes. The greatest and the world's only Consulting Detective. :cake:

"The Guinness World Records has consistently listed Sherlock Holmes as the 'most portrayed movie character' with 75 actors playing the part in over 211 films. Holmes's first screen appearance was in the Mutoscope film Sherlock Holmes Baffled in 1900, albeit in a barely-recognisable form."

The Sherlock Holmes fandom is OVER 100 YEARS OLD. People celebrate his freaking birthday. Sherlockians should be proud.

I love how influential one fictional character has been on the world. :D
You know how sometimes you feel SUPER strongly about things, and you want other people to see the way you do---or at least understand your arguement, but you have NO idea how to do it?

Yeah, I'm feeling that way about a lot of things. I don't know how to do super provokative emotional art that makes a difference, and people don't really care about what I write.

Don't know why I'm writing a journal on this...
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Well it's 2012! :party:


Anybody doing anything interesting for the last of the holidays?

(I am almost counting down the minutes to the Sherlock"Scandal in Belgravia" premier. Damn it's like four hours away. Got my crime scene scarf ready!)

Meh, if I can survive watching two Reichenbach Falls scenes in one year, I don't care if the world ends.

---Hattie :heart:
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Saw Game of Shadows today...expect fanart. :la::la: Grinning like an idiot on the car ride there, and the car ride home.

There were definitely some squeeing moments in there. And epic badass machine gun-ness Watson.

(And heads up, if you're on the Holmes/Watson ship, you'll like this one. There is intentional...well, tension. Stupid writer trolls.)
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